Professionalism, integrity, loyalty, and engagement are rare values that permeate today's law school experience.


Going to William Howard Taft University Taft Law School is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Taft Law School is special; with the uniqueness and innovative delivery platform of its Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree program, as well reasonable cost, with a particular focus on mature adults, employed on a full-time basis, or for whom place of residence, travel requirements, or finances are constraining factors.


The J.D. program at Taft Law School offered me the opportunity to learn the law from a rich curriculum and study in an academically challenging and supportive environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, objective analysis and interpretation of the law and application of equal justice. Professional growth was fostered through thought-provoking assignments, inspiring discussions, timely and individualized feedback. The Administration, Faculty, and Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Academic Records, Information Technology (IT) Administrators and Staff passionately care about the students, and they go the extra-mile to provide services and resolve issues. In my experience, service is their calling.


I have truly enjoyed my time at Taft Law School and if I could start all over, I would unequivocally come to Taft Law School.


As a Transfer Pricing and International Tax (Research and Planning, Strategy, Audit, and Mergers and Acquisition (M&A)) Advisor, Taft Law School's Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree has elevated my well rounded distinctive competencies: multidisciplinary education and training (accounting, finance, international tax and transfer pricing, and law). I am optimistic that Taft's J.D. degree would certainly enhance my professional / career advancement public service, personal growth, and satisfaction.


Above all, I highly recommend William Howard Taft University Taft Law School's Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree program.


- Good G. Anyanwu - July, 2019

Taft law school is one of the best online law school I have attended. The journey of law school  was surprising and fun; hard work and consistency  in studying  law doing practice essays/ questions,  lessons and discussions  was the most practical way of applying law.  Some of the most important skills I have gained  from the JD-Executive track is  critical thinking in applying and analyzing law in areas such as  contract law, Property law, Tort and Labor employment  law;  as a result am able apply what I have learned into  my career and Business.  The Dean, Assistant Dean, and Professors are passionate in teaching law and very professional. I would like to thank all the team at Taft  law school for the wonderful experience and opportunity they gave me to study law  at Taft law school.


- Faith Ligono - December, 2020

I truly enjoyed all the law school courses for the three years I attended Taft. The  courses were mind boggling and intriguing. The courses provided a historical prospective leading to updated legal cases that were researched and briefed.  The entire faculty readily attended to my needs and, particularly, the professors returned telephone calls and immediately responded to e-mail inquiries or issues.  Professor Melody Jolly was a huge help in explaining complex processing of cases both on video and interacting with students.  I was fortunate to have her as my professor during my last year at Taft.


My degree has made a positive impact on my career.  I am currently employed with the federal government as a mediator, interacting with attorneys on a daily basis.  My degree gave me an edge in understanding their "legal lingo" and responding accordingly and, at the same time provides more opportunity to resolve the parties disagreements/conflicts.  Moreover, my degree has served to influence and motivate others, such as my children, grand children that they too can attain a law degree and pursue their dream in the legal profession.


Thanks to the Dean and the entire staff at Taft Law School.


- Clyde Lo-Chin - December, 2020