My name is Marian Hurley. I have worked for the Federal Government for 35 years. I had not returned to school for a degree beyond my B.S, because my disabilities made prolonged sitting painful. Classroom studies where out of the question. When I became aware of the opportunity to study for my JD through Taft, I was thrilled. Not only could I pursue further education, but I could actually sit for the CA Bar Examination and become a licensed attorney. I had no idea this was even an option. I studied at home, while working a full time job and taking care of my family. I found the staff at Taft to be very supportive throughout my experiences with the University.


I began my studies in August 2001 and graduated in March 2006. I passed the Bar Examination in 2007. I count these as two of my greatest accomplishments. Since that time, I was selected to participate in my agency’s Senior Management Readiness Program, and have had an opportunity for developmental assignments. Even though I am not in a position as an "attorney" per se, the degree is useful: I have found my degree useful in handling negotiations with Union grievances, and in analyzing other issues which have developed. I feel the degree also enhances my confidence in my abilities and helps me to support my arguments as the need arises.


- Marian Hurley

I am so grateful to Taft University for the education they provided me and the opportunity which they afforded me. After being directly impacted by the tragedy of 9/11, I made the choice to discontinue my legal education in order to relocate out of the New York area. As time passed, I regretted this choice but was unable to find an institution to allow me to complete my degree program. Taft offered me that opportunity through their distance learning program. I was employed full-time and this program allowed me to tailor my class schedule so that I could complete my degree in a timely manner while still working. The curriculum was challenging and there were always resources available to me for questions. I would recommend Taft to anyone.


- Kathleen Keating

I attended Taft Law School as an independent study student and am pleased to report that I passed the baby bar and the CA General Bar Exam on my first try. The experience of going to TLS is one I will never forget because each day, each course brought a new and higher level of learning that I had previously not experienced. Though I did sometimes wonder how I would make it through, it was easily the most thrilling four years of my professional/educational life.


An unexpected and wonderful outcome is that I am now a Professor for Taft Law School, helping other students through what I went through. It is an experience that I find rewarding every day.


As you consider your options, know that all of us here at Taft Law School have your successful completion of law school as our core objective.

- Donna McGovern

The Independent Study program at Taft University was a great way for me to get my law degree. Although structured to meet the requirements of the degree, it still allowed me the flexibility to work around my schedule and at my own pace. I really enjoyed working with the faculty and staff who treated me in a friendly, yet professional manner.


- Donna Harris

Prior to becoming a senior pastor, more than thirty years ago, I was a law student who attended an ABA approved law school but decided to pursue a career in ministry but was unable to free myself of the love and passion I had for the study of law. As a busy professional unable to attend a traditional law school, Taft Law School was a God-send. Their accredited distance learning law degree program is manageable yet challenging with clearly defined learning objectives which made my study of law interesting and practical enough to apply in my current profession as a pastor and a business consultant, and my Taft Law education has helped to prepare me with a solid legal foundation to become a Superior Court Certified Mediator and to start my own mediation practice. I highly commend Taft law to anyone who desires the flexibility of distance learning and is serious about the study of law.


- Jerry M. Williams, J.D., Ph.D

I am an information systems and cyber security professional working in a research and development environment for the US government. Some years ago I became interested in the intersection between cyber security and law and then added interest in electronic discovery as part of the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure when enacted in 2006. It was clear to me that understanding information security, privacy, and the law was a growing need both in our computing environment and in general. Add to that an honest interest in learning about the law as part of my personal and professional development and it was clear what was needed next; an institution that would provide me the desired educational opportunity while continuing to work in my professional capacity. I looked at learning options in New Mexico, California and other states and selected Taft after reading about their history and program online and talking with the admissions staff and advisor. I haven't been disappointed. Pursuing my law degree with Taft wasn't easy while working full-time but the resources and curriculum made it possible. And now I have realized my goal of obtaining my Juris Doctor and enhanced my professional career. I have extended my value to the company through my understanding of the law, work continually to integrate legal considerations with the practice of information and cyber security, and consult with our in-house attorney in the areas of information security and privacy law. I couldn't ask for a better outcome and feel every bit as competitive on legal topics as my more traditionally schooled legal colleagues. I'm looking forward to using the knowledge gained through the attainment of my degree to both enhance my career and value to those I work for and consult with - time and effort well spent. And you can't get a better value considering the cost of more traditional methods of study.


- Pete Warner

Taft as a school is wonderful. There was such diversity with my classes, each professor skilled in the subject matter and I could actually read about some of 'their' cases. Working with the Taft personnel was also a wonderful, positive experience. The staff are so helpful and really try to assist me in doing my best. Anytime I needed help with anything, they were there for me! I recommend Taft to my relatives and friends and actually have a couple of people looking into Taft as an alternative to the brick and mortar schools! Thanks again for being there and opening doors for me in my career.


- Dr. Sandie Busby

The staff and faculty effectively communicated the learning objectives required for success in law school and on the California Bar and followed through to make sure I was reaching them. The curriculum was thoughtfully structured to ensure timely progression through the courses, but without overwhelming me with unnecessary tasks.


Taft faculty was always there for me - all through the years of law school and even afterwards when I sat for the bar. When I required additional study aid in a particular subject they made sure I got it. When family emergencies came up and I needed flexibility in test scheduling they were as accommodating as possible.

Whenever I contacted anyone at Taft, be it in administration or faculty, it was always a pleasant experience in that I got a timely answer and never did anyone make me feel as if I was "a bother" or inconsequential.

My Taft Law School experience was very good.

- Rod G. Shaddy

I graduated Taft in October 2006 and passed the California Bar on my first attempt in Feb 2007, took the Oath on June 1, 2007.


I practiced a mix of family law and Intellectual Property part-time until January of this year, when I decided to cut my practice back to a few patent clients and focus on my engineering for awhile.


I appreciate the opportunity that Taft gave me to get a law degree without going bankrupt in the process. It is certainly not something I would recommend for everyone; it requires a lot of willingness to learn on your own and really learn about your own limitations so you get the help you need to get a license.


- Michael Toback

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