DEAC Consumer Information Disclosure Form

General Information Disclosures


Effective January 2012 the Distance Education Accrediting Commission requires its member institutions to “routinely provide reliable, current and accurate information to the public on their website on their performance, including student achievement, as determined by the institution.” Accordingly, the Administration of the School has determined that the following information be provided on its website and updated periodically.


The information below is supplemental to information contained in the The Taft University System Consumer Guide Catalog Supplement and Catalogs.

Satisfaction Indicators


Every student who completes a Law School course is requested to answer a number of questions related to his or her experiences in the course. The questions are scored using a five point scale covering the gradient between Strongly Agree (5) and Strongly Disagree (1). Set forth in the PDF below are the average responses received by Taft Law School from students who completed courses during the calendar year 2011.