Congressional Recognition

In May, 2002 the administration and faculty of William Howard Taft University, an educational division of The Taft University System, were honored when Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez recognized the University before the United States House of Representatives. Ms. Sanchez was a member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce which oversees education issues. She was regularly on the forefront of all educational initiatives moving through Congress. Set forth below is the text of Ms. Sanchez's remarks:


107th Congress, 2nd Session


of California in the House of Representatives

Monday, May 20, 2002

Ms. SANCHEZ: Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize William Howard Taft University for providing quality distance education programs to adults and professionals for over 25 years.


The University, which offers graduate degree programs in law and business, was founded by its current president, David L. Boyd, in Fountain Valley. The school relocated to Santa Ana in 1995. The mission and purpose of William Howard Taft University is to offer unique and innovative distance learning educational programs at a reasonable cost to qualified applicants, with a particular focus on those who are mature adults, employed on a full-time basis, or for whom place of residence, travel requirements, or finances are constraining factors.


The University is committed to providing a quality education responsive to the needs of society, now and into the future. Valuing the rich variety of cultures, races, ages, religions and ethnic backgrounds in the world today, the University seeks students from all regions of the United States, and English-speaking students from around the world.

The University's first degree program was the Juris Doctor Program that was first offered through its School of Law in 1984. Since July, 1987 more of its graduates have passed the California Bar Examination on the first attempt than any other distance education law school.


Its Graduate School of Business was established in 1987 and presently offers three Master of Business Administration Programs emphasizing entrepreneurship, health care administration, and professional practice management. The MBA-PPM (Professional Practice Management) is believed to be the first program of its kind in the country. The School also offers a Master of Science in Taxation Program to certified public accountants and other tax professionals.


In 1994 and 1999 the University's efforts in developing quality education programs were rewarded with the receipt of full institutional approval for a period of five years by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. Full institutional approval is the highest status awarded by the State of California and the five-year approval period is the maximum permissible under California law.


Recently the University became eligible to seek accreditation by a national accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. Recognizing the importance of accreditation to the credibility of the University, I urge the accrediting body to review William Howard Taft University in an objective and timely manner.