About Taft Law School

Taft Law School was founded in 1984 and achieved national accreditation through the Distance Education Accrediting Commission in 2003. That makes Taft the oldest nationally accredited distance education law school in California. For more than 30 years, we have been proud to offer an opportunity to students for whom finances, location or life commitments make a tradition law school education difficult or impossible.


All of Taft Law School’s courses are online. You can study from anywhere that has a good connection to the Internet. Taft Law School offers several different programs to meet the needs of modern students. We invite you to review the website and explore all of our programs.


Taft Law School is not an easy route to becoming an attorney and online study is not for everyone. Our courses use many of the same books and other study materials found in traditional law schools. In many ways studying law, online, is more difficult than studying in a classroom environment. To be successful a student must be disciplined, dedicated and have perseverance. The law is the law. Once a student graduates and takes the California Bar Examination, he or she will be evaluated by the same standards as all other law school graduates. We therefore will not make it easy. Taft will push you to be the best you can be.


For those students that are not interested in becoming an attorney our sister school William Howard Taft University offers a Juris Doctor-Executive Track. This program was designed for those who need an education in the law, but have no desire to sit for the Bar Examination and become an attorney. Many of the students in this program are business owners, entrepreneurs or other business executives who want more knowledge when interacting with the law and lawyers. 


Please review this website carefully. We want you to make a well informed decision and choose Taft Law School for all the right reasons.