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All Taft Law School and William Howard Taft University faculty members are employed by The Taft University System. Some have responsibilities in both Taft Law School and Taft University. All are qualified to undertake the level of instruction for course development that they are assigned.

The following is a list of current faculty members.

Gloria J. Alkire
Todd R. Becker
Judith L. Blando
Brooke W. Booth
Ryan M. Bornstein
David L. Boyd
Barry J. Brock
Vivy Chao
Lorraine Cleeton
Robert L. Conn
Bari L. Courts
Terrance L. Cusaac
Joshua R. Diaz
Kody J. Diaz
Thomas L. Driver
Roger J. Duthoy
A. Edwin Fahlen
Dennis Galloway
Cynthia Gautreau
Cynthia M. Geter
Deborah A. Gilbert
Deanna Gilbertson
Lisa E. Grace
Michael A.S. Guth
Donna K. Harris
Charles R. Hazelton
Stanley A. Hutchinson
Ryan A. Jacobsen
Michael R. James
Neil A. Johnson
Melody L. Jolly
Michael W. Jones
Louie S. Joseph
Ellen Larkin
Arthur S. Leahy

Karen L. Ledbetter

Aleta Ledendecker
Elizabeth H. Mattis
Michael J. McCarthy
Donna M. McGovern
Maple Melder Crozier
D'liese Melendrez
Stacy Menechios
Laurie Nalepa
Anthony Nuvallie
Theresa Pavone
Laura A. Pogue
Casey S. Reason
Lisa D. Reason
Tracy R. Reinmiller
Barbara A. Rembiesa
Scott Resnick
Edward J. Romano
Stanley D. Seat
Terry W. Shorey
Joan L. Slavin
Carole A. Smith
Sam Stewart
Duane E. Stiff
Randall E. Stone
Catherine A. Strouse
Robert K. Strouse
Michael C. Sullivan
Sue C. Swisher
William J. Tetu
Scott G. Thompson
Margaret A. Trester
John N. Vitale
Susan Webber
Lydia M.T. Wells
Nathan Wente
Loni M. Yaeger
Eileen L. Yantz

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