Partners in Professional Education (PIPE) Program

  1. Q. What is the Partners in Professional Education (PIPE) Program?

    A. PIPE is a co-operative undertaking between employers and The Taft University System to provide graduate level educational opportunities to qualified employees.

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  2. Q. What companies or firms are eligible to participate?

    A. All companies and firms with at least five managerial or professional employees are eligible to participate.

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  3. Q. What are the benefits of being a PIPE member to employers and students?

    A. Employers benefit from the knowledge employees obtain through quality graduate education presented in a flexible manner. Employees are eligible for a tuition grant of between five and twenty percent.

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  4. Q. What is expected of the employer?

    A. The employer must generally agree to make the existence of the PIPE Program known to employees. This can be accomplished in many different ways including internal e-mails, employee handbooks, or company/firm newsletters. Alternatively, if an employer is unable to make such a commitment, a company or firm may be listed if three or more employees elect to enroll within a three month period. Companies that have paid the majority of tuition for two or more employees are also considered participating organizations.

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  5. Q. Is a company or firm required to have an employee tuition reimbursement plan to participate in PIPE?

  6. Q. What university programs are covered in the PIPE Program?

    A. All university programs are covered.

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  7. Q. What type of grants are available?

    A. Once a company or firm is admitted to the PIPE Program, all employees are immediately eligible for a five percent tuition grant for the balance of the calendar year. In subsequent years, the amount of the grant will vary depending on employee enrollment in the prior year.

    • Between 1 and 5 Employee/Students 5%
    • Between 6 and 10 Employees/Students 10%
    • Between 11 and 20 Employees/Students 15%
    • Over 20 Employees/Students 20%

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  8. Q. How can my company or firm become a PIPE Program member?

    A. Simply have your Human Resources Department contact our Admissions Office or ask us to contact them directly.

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