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California Bar Examination Statistics


    Until 2008, there was no requirement that distance learning law schools disclose their graduates’ pass rates on the California Bar Examination to prospective or current students. However, Taft Law School has voluntary disclosed this information for over twenty years. The bar examination information below goes beyond what is currently required by the Committee of Bar Examiners but we feel that it is information that you should find useful in your selection of a law school.

    While bar examination pass rates are only one measurement of the quality of a law school, we feel prospective and current students should be aware of the pass rates of any program before enrollment. We therefore attach to each enrollment agreement a chart of how our students performed on the General Bar Examination and the First Year Law Students’ Examination during the previous five years. That same Committee of Bar Examiners required information can be found in the disclosures section of our website. Set forth below is additional statistical data based on information provided by the Measurement Center for the Office of Admissions of the State Bar of California and our internal records.

    Since the inception of the law school and over its complete operating history, 295 Taft graduates have taken the California Bar Examination. Of this group, 203 have passed the examination resulting in a cumulative pass rate of 68.8%.

    Set forth below are some additional statistics and information which we hope will be of assistance to you in reaching a decision on whether Taft Law School might be your best choice for studying law at a distance:
  • Taft Law School was the first distance learning law school to have a graduate admitted to and successfully complete a Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program at a law school approved by the American Bar Association.
  • Taft Law School was the first distance law school to offer its law students access to a computer legal research library, which can be accessed through a personal computer in the student’s home or office.
  • Taft Law School is the oldest nationally accredited distance learning law school in the country.
  • Taft Law School was the first distance learning law school whose students qualify to defer existing student loans under eligibility standards developed by the United States Department of Education.
  • Taft Law School was the first distance learning law school whose students qualify for the Lifetime Learning Credit or special tax deductions pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code. (For many students, this could increase their tax refunds by over $1,000.00.)

Faculty and administration are proud of the performance of our graduates and will remain dedicated to continually improving the Program and providing our students with the necessary skills to perform well on the California Bar Examination.

Very truly yours,

Robert K. Strouse, J.D.
Dean, Taft Law School

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