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Taft Law School and William Howard Taft University Re-Accredited by DETC

    On June 7, 2008 the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) voted to grant re-accreditation to The The Taft University System until 2013. This action was taken after consideration of an extensive self-study prepared by the University and the report of a site visitation team that included representatives of both regionally and American Bar Association accredited schools. The five year re-accreditation period is the maximum permissible under DETC standards.

    Michael P. Lambert, Executive Director of DETC, stated "The five-year re-accreditation of The The Taft University System is a milestone event for both Taft and DETC, since it represents a public affirmation of a distinguished educational institution for the second time in five years. DETC is extremely proud to be affiliated with the staff and faculty of Taft and we commend them on this outstanding achievement. Taft represents a unique, highly accessible, convenient and affordable learning opportunity for students around the world, and DETC re-accreditation is their assurance of the highest academic quality and business ethics."

    Both William Howard Taft University and Taft Law School are members of The The Taft University System.

About William Howard Taft University

    For over two decades William Howard Taft University (www.TaftU.edu) has offered distance learning graduate degree programs to students throughout the world. Presently the University offers nationally accredited programs in law (Juris Doctor and Master of Laws) business (Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Taxation) and education (Master of Education).

William Howard Taft University, Santa Ana, California
Joan Slavin (714) 850-4800

About DETC

    The Distance Education and Training Council is a non-profit 501(c)(6) educational association located in Washington, D.C. The Council was founded in 1926 to promote sound educational standards and ethical business practices within the correspondence field. The independent nine-member Accrediting Commission of the DETC was established in 1955. Shortly thereafter it gained the approval of the U.S. Department of Education as a "nationally recognized accrediting agency" and has continually maintained that approval. With its 80-plus years of history and its highly refined and federally recognized accreditation program, DETC offers distance learning institutions the most current, relevant and practical services for the 21st Century.

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