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The Taft University System is proud to be the founding sponsor of for Disabled Access. In the forthcoming months, this site will be expanding to accomplish the goals of outlined in the Mission Statement set forth below.

The Mission of for Disabled Access is to:
  • Provide consumers, organizations and the business community with information on rights and obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act;
  • To provide information of interest to mobility challenged individuals relating to access at particular entertainment venues;
  • To conduct onsite evaluations of entertainment venues with the goal of working with management to provide a more enjoyable experience for physically challenged individuals;
  • To provide mediation and arbitration programs for resolution of disputes related to access issues;
  • To provide referrals to attorneys experienced in issues related to access under the Americans with Disabilities Act and related state statutes;
  • To publicly recognize organizations found to have a commitment to maintaining outstanding access policies and procedures; and
  • To cooperate with the news media in disseminating information related to disabled access.

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